Board of Directors

Tony Hystek


He has been on the board of management of PaddleNSW since its inception in 2008, and keen to see PaddleNSW grow to the all-encompassing paddlers association that the initial philosophy promised. Returning to the Chair position following the retirement of Tim Hookins

Andrew Mathers

Board Member

Andrew looks after the recreational portfolio, and has been kayaking on and off for over since he first did the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic in 1981.  He joined Lane Cove River Kayakers and has since become more actively involved in the sport.

Lynn Parker

I live for paddling - but definitely NOT for racing and competition, unless it's against a whitewater river!  I keep the Board reminded about all things recreational - especially if it involves touring, camping and lots of whitewater. Coming to paddling and the River Canoe Club when the kids could barely walk taught us all to either paddle well or drown.

Chris Thompson

A father who became involved in sport when his eldest son Zachary entered the Beyond Beijing Talent Identification Squad. Has since become a member of Penrith Valley Canoe Club and Slalom Australia (formerly the Slalom Technical Committee). His earliest involvement in paddle sports was in a home made K2 paddling down parts of the Darling River (around Bourke) at the age of about 11.

Bob Turner

Board Member

Started paddling 7-8 years ago as an escape mechanism from a high pressure work scenario.
Competed in PNSW Marathon Series for a number of years, completed a number of Myall, Hawkesbury and Murray River classics.
Now only a part-time paddler after being coerced into Administration side of paddling a few years ago by the current President.

Office Contact

Email: adminatpaddlensw [dot] org [dot] au
PO Box 6971
Silverwater NSW 2128
P:  02 8116 9730