Northern Marathon Series


The Northern Marathon Series attracts a wide spectrum of paddlers from New South Wales and Queensland. Races in the Series are conducted by the hosting Canoe Clubs and are linked by a point score designed to promote participation as well as acknowledge the speediest paddlers. Paddlers of any level of skill and in any type of paddle craft are welcome to join in the competition.

Northern Marathon Series Co-ordination

Treasurer:       Myra Holm         0419744417 myra [dot] errolatgmail [dot] com
Booklet:            Colin Cussel    0428213243 nmsatcanoe [dot] org [dot] au
Club Liaison:   Linda Parsons 0427291007 lindapatricia1963atgmail [dot] com
Point Score:     Julie Frost        0414765986 ijfrostysatgmail [dot] com

Associated Events

A goal of the Northern Marathon Series is to foster friendships amongst paddlers and their families and fellow travellers, so each host club is encouraged to organise some associated fun activities such as handicap sprint races on Saturday afternoon when the race is held on Sunday. Also, a preferred venue for dinner on the Saturday evening is either included in this booklet or will be advised prior to the event and we encourage paddlers and their families and friends to take these opportunities to socialise.  Every town has something to offer for those who can spare some time in the area.  Take an extra day or two if you can to visit the host towns and enjoy more than just the paddling.

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