INTRODUCTION TO SEA SKILLS at Arrawarra Bay, near Coffs Harbour

Reported by FNCCC Colin Cussel, Monday, 7 May 2012

Karen Dallas conducted this course on Saturday 5 May at Arrawarra Bay, near Coffs. Read more......


This was a fantastic day. Karen Dallas, a qualified sea instructor, was very clear in her instructions and planned the day very well. She was assisted by her husband, Col and another instructor.

Tim Limbert, Richard White, Lynn Delaney, Chris Allen, Colin Cussel attended from FNCCC. Sean Harrington from Coffs harbour, who was on the recent Paddle for Life, and Lynn’s friend, Fiona, also attended.

After much trepidation, the weather turned out to be picture post card perfect. The sun on the waves on Arrawarra Bay in the early morning was breathtaking.

We began the day with some theory instruction. We then practiced our strokes on the grass leaning against the hill to mimic the slope of the wave. Then we progressed to traversing the broken waves in the “slop zone,” in  line with the beach, so we could get used to handling the waves side on and learning to brace into the wave. We then practiced our paddling out through the waves and paddling in backwards, so we could get used in and out through the breaking surf zone.

After morning tea we all ventured out and caught waves into the beach with varying degrees of success. Our last activity was deep water entry in the ocean. We practiced both assisted and unassisted re entries.

We all learnt so much. Thank you Karen. Hopefully the same group can get together for more practice and perhaps another day of instruction from Karen.